Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pinzgauer 718 Turbo Diesels - Military History Up Close and Personal

So the story goes that a select group of 15 x 718 Pinzgauers were used by Delta Force (Task Force 20) to enter Iraq on March 19th, 2003 en-route to the Haditha dam complex. These were the first "operators" to enter the country and attack/secure high priority targets. Their mode of transport was the Pinzgauer 718 Turbo Diesel gun trucks. Officially the Iraq war started the next day on March 20th. Fast forward to the Pinzgauers sitting in Qatar for a number of years before making their way back to the U.S., being de-militarized and surplussed by the Federal Government.

EI is pleased to have picked up a number of these unique vehicles. We are currently just starting the refurb and rebuild process. Follow along as over the next couple of years these vehicles get re-purposed.


  1. Hi Scott:
    Were the wheel hub tabs added for lifting?

  2. This truck looks so strong. Did you buy it at volvo colombia because it reminded me of my uncle's who has a big truck like these.